Grade 5


Home Is Where The Heart Is

Home is a place where you can stay, a place to rest after the long day. Home is filled with love and laughter all day, every day. When I think of home I think of family, memories and fun. But what about those people who don’t have a home, do they still make memories, have fun and do they have a family? Whenever I see someone out on the streets I get a sick feeling in my stomach, they don’t know the feeling of being at home.

If you are sad you go home and you instantly feel comforted, loved and welcomed. A home can have things in it money can’t buy, things that are non tangible. I don’t mean air or oxygen I mean feelings. The special feeling when you walk in the door, or go to bed at night. You feel comfort, love and cozyness. But wait-what feelings do you feel without a home? A house is not a home that is for sure! A home has special memories attached to it, a house is just bland. Everyone should have a home to come back to whenever they need it the most.

When you are tired or angry you can go home and talk about it with your parents or siblings. You will always know that home is a safe place to just feel better.

Day after day you will always feel the special feelings of a home, feelings you will never forget. The special memories like Christmas Day or Thanksgiving dinner. Nothing can replace your home you grew up in. As Dorothy said from The Wizard Of Ozz “there’s no place like home!” A home is the best thing you could have!