Grade 6

Lac du Bonnet

Home is Where the Heart Is

One windy day, my mom, my sister and I all went to Winnipeg to go shopping for clothes and groceries. When we were at a stop light, I looked out the window and what I saw was a homeless man on the sidewalk with a few boxes by his side and a sign asking for food. I had told my mom to look out her window and when she did she saw the old man with no food, no money and no home. The light turned green and we drove away. My mom told my sister and I that if she could, she would give him a home, food AND money. My sister thought the same. I said that I would give up my piggy-bank and my wallet just so he could buy a real bed and some food. After we were done shopping, we drove to a restaurant to have some supper. Once we were done eating, my mom paid for our food. We got in the car and drove all the way home. So when we got home, I thought that if I didn’t have a home, then I wouldn’t come home after school to have a yummy dinner or a bed to sleep in. What if I didn’t have a home? I wouldn’t have anything I have now. My home isn’t just a building with walls and a roof. It’s a place to make memories and celebrate holidays with family and friends. Home is where you can be yourself and nobody can hate or judge you. You can be a goof and have fun with family and friends. Home is where you run to and be with your family. Home is where you feel comfy and safe. Once more I say, home is where the heart is.