Grade 6

bay roberts
Newfoundland and Labrador

home is where the heart is

By Robyn gale
Home is where
☻The heart is ☻

Home to me means where a fairytale story starts. Where my fairytale story started was Westport. Life in Westport is where the word home is made. Home is where memories are made and where laughter begins and never endless love never stops. Home is a safe place to live and grow up and live happy ever after. Home is where ever thing you need is there a roof over your head and food in your plate. And a loving family that is all ways there for you. Apart of Westport that is home to me is the light house and the wharf. Why I consider the wharf my home is because I spend a lot of time down there. And my family is likes fishing a lot. My family is a big newfie family.
Why I consider the light house apart of home to me is because my great pop. Built it and it means a lot to me and now my pop keeps it up.

Home is a journey
That never ends.