Grade 5

sault ste marie

home is where i live

Home Is Where I Live
Home is where someone will care
For you and never leave you
Sad and alone.
Your home protects you from
The dangers outside.
Thru hard times it’s good
To know that you can
Return to a warm comforting
Home that holds your family.
Home is where you live your
Life and nobody else’s.
Home is where you have a
Warm snuggly embrace called love.
Home is where you can have your
Family even if they’re up above and
Where you can’t see them.
Home is where you start new memories
Every day after you were born.
Don’t take your house for granted
It’s for you to have warmth and not to
Be number one.
Home is where I make new beginning’s.
If you make a mistake you won’t get judged.
That’s why my mom says a mistake is only a
Mistake if you don’t learn from it .
Thank you!!!!