Grade 6


home is to me

Home is my life.
Home is where I feel love.
Home makes me smile and where my heart belongs.
It’s a place you can feel safe.
Where you belong.
Home is where you can sleep with your family.
Home is where you live.
Home is where I feel comfortable.
Where we can do things together
Home is where you have washroom
Home is where you can have fun with family.
Home is where you can fix your problem.
Home is where you laugh, play, be mad, sad or fight.
I have 7 brothers and 3 sisters and we don’t always laugh or play somethings we fight or we get mad.
I love my family because I have brothers and sisters to play with me or help me when I need help but not all the time. My little brother and sister or so noisy and I do not like that when I am doing my homework but I still LOVE them.
My home is special to me because I have everything I need and I hope that everyone will have a home like I do.
I wish I can help them.