Grade 5


home is the best

Meaning of Home

By: Kevin

Home is a place where I live with my family. It is my most favorite place in the whole wide world. It is a place where I share thoughts with my family, deep thoughts and not so deep. Home is where I spend quality time with my family, where both happy and sometimes sad memories are made. Home is a place to celebrate birthdays with family and friends. It is a place where I can try out new things. A home is a place where traditions are shared and passed down to the next generation. A home is a place where family reunions are held with relatives who live far away. It is a a place where I am never lonely because I have my family to always keep me company. In winter I do not worry about the cold because I know that I have a warm home.

A home is a place to let my imagination go wild. It is a place to have pets, play with neighbors’ kids, host birthday parties and other gatherings. It is is a place where I watch funny movies with my family and friends and have so much fun. A home is a place where there are rooms such as bedrooms, living room, kitchen and a basement. Home provides shelter for me and my family.

I feel so grateful for my home and when I step into my house I am so thankful because I know that some people are homeless and others live in huts and sleep in bus stops. I wish that I could buy each one a new house but that’s impossible as it would be expensive.

I hope that one day everyone will have a home to spend time in with their family. A home has lots of things to keep me entertained. At home I could go to my room and just chill or I could go to your backyard and could play with my soccer balls,tennis balls, etc. This is what home means to me and I love my home.