Grade 6

New Brunswick

Home is safe and secure

Home is where I feel safe and secure because it is warm and quite. I am very lucky to have a family that loves me and will help me no matter what. I love my home because there are lots of memories in it as well happiness that keeps us happy in are home. My family has traditions like Christmas and Easter but it is not just if you get gifts or not it is that you are celebrating that holiday or tradition with your family and that is what matters. One of my traditions is that every Christmas my grandmother and grandfather come down for Christmas and we have a big meal and then eat most of the food for leftovers. This might not seem like anything different but we are lucky to have a roof over our heads and a fire to keep of warm. At my place lots of people come and go but some people have no homes that is why it is important to donate money to the poor. Home is where you are safe you do not get cold and you are nice and protected from any bad things outside. Home is where you can do anything you want to playing games to having a party and inviting all your friends over. I cannot think of what it would like if I had no home. In conclusion home is where I am safe and secure.