Grade 6


Home is peace love confort and joy!

Home is where there’s peace and joy.
Home is where there’s love.
Home is where you don’t just dream, but dreams you dream come true.
Home is where you have a bed and supper, lunch, and breakfast is waiting on the table.

Home is cozy and filled with joy.
It’s were you mom is waiting for you to come back home from school.
It’s where you have a closet filled with clothe and you have other stuff that maybe you don’t need.
You can go and buy some candy chips some other stuff because your mom and dad are working and you have the money for it.
Home is where your loved ones are near and you have siblings to play with even though sometimes you have fight, but it’s ok because siblings are sibling and there’s nothing you can do about it.
When you are scared your mom is there.
When you’re hurt it heals.
It’s where you were raised from child into adult.
I love my home!It’s where i live. Thankyou mom dad and everyone that’s near.