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Home Is Not a Place It Is a Feeling

Home Is Not a Place It Is a Feeling

In my house I feel safe. I feel peaceful. I feel like I can be me. Their is no feeling like the feeling of home.

I think a home is VERY important! People without a home don’t have a shelter to keep them warm. I feel bad that some people don’t have a home. They don’t have a place to express their feelings in a safe place.

It takes more than one person to make a home. It takes a family. Home is where you make memories with friends and family.

When I leave my home I am excited but when I get back I am happier then ever. When I go to my cabin in the summer for five weeks I feel different. I miss my home. It doesn’t feel the same when I am not in my home.

A house can be found on a map but a home can only be found in a heart. A house is where you cook your dinner but a home is where you enjoy it with your family. A house is a place but a home is one of the greatest feelings!