Grade 5


Home is not a House

A home is a place where you can share emotions and feelings. It can come in different shapes and sizes but no matter big or small its still a home. As long as you have a home you can feel safe inside. For me it does not matter what size it is its still a home to me. In a home you can get together with family and celebrate traditions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Valentines day. My personal favorite is Christmas. I feel so lucky to have a home. But when ever I think of people who don’t have a home, I start to feel sad for because, everyone should have a chance to feel what I feel a home is. The whole point of this contest is to give people a home then I’m going to try because I do not want to see people without a home any more. I want to put an end to this sad life and make it happy. I want people to feel the same way I do. Home is a place that’s full of emotions like, joy, sadness, and lots of other emotions my personal favorite is akward because I love doing akward back pats lol