Grade 6


home is not a house

Home is not a house 
Hello there, my home is very special to me because my family really grew as in we had good times and bad times and we created lots and lots of memories! I also have a wonderful cat at my house and im always exited to go home and visit her. And home to me isn’t just a roof over my head it is where my family is! And im so lucky to have my family. So what does home mean to me? Easy, home is wherever my family is and to me a home is different than a house. A home is where family’s start, memories are created, home is also made out of love! A house to me is made out of nothing but wood. I know for a fact I have home because my family loves me so much and I’ve had the best 11 years of my life with them!! 
I hope them meaning of home I wrote made sense to you, and I hopped you enjoyed reading it as well, I also hope this meant something to someone out there who’s reading this, thank you and have a great day!!