Grade 5


Home is not a House

My home is a place where I can spend time with my family. It is where I feel loved and accepted. Home is a place where I grew up and created memories with my friends and family. It is where you celebrate your cultures with your friends and family and have super fun conversations!!! Home is where you can play with your brothers and sisters and have fun. It is where you can eat lots of food anytime you want. You get to sleep on a nice comfy bed and rest anytime you want in your home. My home is where I can share my feelings with my mom and dad. It’s so sad to know that not everyone has a home. Some people are outside on the streets sleeping. And every morning they walk around asking people for food or money. But look at us, we have a home to sleep in and we have lots of food to eat every day. We have a place to be warm whether rain or shine. We have shelter and a roof on top of us. We’re lucky to have all this stuff unlike other people.