Grade 5


Home is my Place

Home is a place where me and my family can meet and get together for instance, your family reunion. It is in Pinawa. I go every 5 years so I am nine, so I’ve went when I was 3, 8 and going to be 13. I wish it was every year instead of 5 years because I love seeing my family. There is about 407 of us and the amazing thing is we are all in the same building. When I get there I just want to hop out of the car and hug everybody. That is because family is my home. This is where everybody in my family around Canada comes to see each other for one weekend. Like I said before, I wish it was every year instead of 5 years. The thing is home is a feeling you feel and you can’t buy it like a house because. You may not know this, but a house and a home are two different things.