Grade 6


Home is more then a meaning

Home is more than a meaning. Home is a feeling. Home is a feeling of peace, comfort and love. I love that feeling to know that I will come home to a loving family. To be able to have that wonderful feeling of a warm bed and a wonderful place to call home. Home is a safe, fun, exciting place. In fact, home is more than a place. Home is a fantastic, warm, caring environment to be yourself. If you feel upset you can go home to feel the wonderful feeling of home to feel better. The feeling of home is a powerful feeling to be able to have food on my plate. A home makes me feel great. I love the beautiful feeling of home. When I walk through the city and see a homeless person it makes me feel depressed. I wish they could feel that wonderful feeling of home. No matter who they are or what race, they deserve the feeling of home. There is something we can do. Donate some clothes or money or even help in your community. Helping someone is the best feeling ever to know that you are helping someone that needs it and just be a nice person. Remember home is more than a meaning it is a feeling.