Grade 6

New Brunswick

Home is More han Just a House

Home is more than just a house or a shelter where you live it is a place
where you feel safe, secure, and love.

Home is where you feel you belong, it’s where you live with your family
and share moments of happiness and sadness where you live each day
as it comes with joys and pains.

Home is where you make memories of your childhood, where you enjoy
having your siblings and cousin around as your first playmates.

Home is where you first learn how to hold a crayon to color in your first
coloring books or use your imagination to color the walls in your room.

Home is where you have your first ever goldfish in a bowl and pet puppy
to play with.

Home is where you first feel that you miss your parents every time they
have to leave you for work, your grandmother who gives you a warm embrace to keep you from crying.

What’s in my home is the treasure full of love and care given to me by my
whole family.