Grade 6

New Brunswick

Home is Love Home is Life

In my home there is love
Though it isn’t as pretty as the prettiest dove

In my home we have mess
And that is something I must confess

In my home I can stride
Always have someone at my side

In my home I can cope
Home is where I was taught to hope

My home does have fear
Sometimes I have to shed a tear

In my home we have lots of smiles
They seem to go on for miles and miles

In my home I can cry
Home is where I hope to die

My home is in my heart
You cannot tear it apart

I hope you have a home to share
A home is a place where there is care

I have a roof over my head
And a place I call my bed

Home is a special, special place
It’s something that you can’t erase

Home is something that you can’t make
Home is something that you create

Home keeps me warm in the cold season
I can love my home without reason

It doesn’t matter if it’s loud
Home is where I can be proud

My home may not be the best
But to me it’s better then the rest

In my home we aren’t rich ,we aren’t poor
My home provides something more

In my home we can eat
Home is something you can’t beat

I’ve turned my house into a home
It is somewhere I can roam

Home makes my life complete
Home is very, very sweet