Grade 5



Home is love.
Home is caring.
Home is relatives.
Home is home.

Home is special.
Home is safe.
Home has food.
Home has water.
Home is home.

Home sweet home.
Home so big.
Home so safe.
Oh, my home.
Home is home.

I love my home.
I dream so sweet.
When i see them.
The ones with no homes.
I wish they had one.
Home is home.

The ones with no homes.
I know what they dream.
They dream for home.
In their dreams they say
“Home is home.”

They wish they had food.
They wish they had water.
They hope and they don’t stop hoping.
And they get a home.
Home is home.

And I’m happy.
That they have homes.
And food and water.
Home is home.