Grade 6


Home is Home

Home is a Home
“A house is made of wood and stone but only love can make a home.” Sitting by the fire all toasty and warm. Getting treats and full course meals.

The homeless should have a home, a warm place on a cold night to call their own. A shelter is a cover they need, including water and food which are important necessities.

Home is where you can fall asleep safely and where you wake-up every morning and lay down your head at night.

A hotel is different you don’t get that safe and warm feeling. You get that nervous and odd feeling.

War shouldn’t be an excuse to not have a home. Some people pray to God every night to have a peaceful and silent night of safe sleep.

Kids who have step dads and step moms go from home to home many times in one year. They still feel safe at mom or dad’s but sleeping over at a friends can not be as comfortable. When I say that I mean it, some people freak out just by going about 2.5 kilometers away. Believe me I’ve had the experience.

What I’m trying to say is everybody has a comfortable place that they feel welcome in and feel loved and important.

Poor or rich we should help everybody have a place where they belong that’s that importance of a community.

Flight attendants help people get home every single day. Just like we all should help people down on earth or 23 kilometers up in the air.

In conclusion home is one of a kind. And all of us have a comfortable place in our lives even souls up in Heaven have their home.