Grade 6


Home is Family

Home is about family and love. Home is to be loved, a good place to be asleep, have fun and importantly, be safe. I like having privacy in my room, well I do have my own room now. I shared rooms with all my sisters then we moved to a different place, now I go to Norquay. I love my home and family, especially Norquay. I love home, it’s where I live with my sisters, brothers, mom, dad and grandparents. We all live with laughter and love. I love taking family photos, it’s nice to have a home, some people don’t have a home, it’s sad. My dad told me when they were kids they were in CFS. I’m grateful to have a home. At my old house it was really small so I shared with my SISTERS!!! Now we moved, the house is good and comfy. So yeah, at my new house my sisters can play outside. At my old house there was no way to play outside, they would be playing with flowers and killing them. Now we have a good street so they don’t have to stay inside all the time because they used to be really loud like most of the time it was really annoying because I always used to sleep after school because my grade four teacher at the end of the year she told us that we did grade 5 work. I was like really really shocked then I went home to sleep on my comfy bed to sleep dream but I couldn’t sleep because what our teacher told us. It was summer break so I was thinking and thinking and I said “what to do, what to do” and I said I should go swimming all summer.