Grade 5


Home is Family

Home Means Family

“Home is where the heart is.” Have you heard this quote before? I have and I think it is true. It means that you need your family, friends or pets in your house to make it a home.
My home was special until I had to move. We had so many memories and marks that made our house feel like a home. I still remember the time my sister drew on the wall with sharpie. Then we moved and the memories faded in our minds. I still have them.
I opened the front door of our new house and there was nothing inside that made it feel like a home. All I had in my room was a bed and a picture of my puppy. About a week later there where marks and dents that started making it feel like a home. I moved all my stuff into my room that made it feel like a home. The only thing that was missing was my little baby puppy to make my house a complete home. As soon as I got my puppy my home was complete….
To me it is important to have your family, friends and pets in your home so you are not sad and lonely. You need your family in your house to make it a home. You need your family or people that love you so you can build a home.