Grade 5


home is extrordinary

HOME IS EXTRAORDINARY Home is an extraordinary place. It gives me safety, love, food, water and a special place for me. My special place is my room, because in my room I have a bed. My bed keeps me warm on cold nights and keeps me safe. Also in my room I have toys to play with and when I’m down they make me feel comfortable, and clothes to keep me warm at school and outside. My home is a safe place to me because it protects me from rain, cold, lightning, thunder and snow. It is also safe to me because I have people who love me. The people who love me are my sister, my mom and my dad. My sister loves me and she plays with me. My dad loves me and helps me in hockey, reading and lots of other things. My mom loves me and she helps me with French, homework and many other things. Also in my house I have food and water. The food and water helps me stay healthy and alive. Home to me is to feel safe, loved, to have food, water and I’m happy to have a place for me. Home is extraordinary and I think everyone should have one.