Grade 6

New Maryland
New Brunswick

Home is being with Family

Home is being with Family

I’m on a plane going back to Langley (where I was born and grew up) for a vacation. I was looking out the window then turned my head to the little kid behind me because he is kicking my seat. I see the snack cart coming by my seat with pop, juice, and nuts. I have a snack then sit back in my chair and doze off. When I wake up I notice that we have landed in Seattle. I drive through the border into Canada, leaving the United States of America then I realize that I am home, in Langley, B.C. I can’t wait to see my aunts, uncles, grandmom, cousins, and friends.

The first day home we visited with all my cousins, my aunts and uncles, and my grandmom. This was a great day because we got to talk about many things like where we live now in New Maryland, things that have happened since we moved away from Langley, funny stories about things that have happened to my cousins, and we got to eat a lot of treats.

The second day home I got to visit with my friends from school and from my gymnastics club. After talking and playing with my friends for a while I started to realize that things were different than before. Their style of gaming and the games they play outside are different from before because some new trends started happening around them. Even though I enjoyed playing with my friends it wasn’t what I thought it would be like because they are a little different than I remembered.

On the third day home, we did the things we used to do and went to places we used to go to when we lived there. We went places like the old spaghetti factory, the rec center, the bowling alley, and we went to the gas station and bought slushies and chips. Then went back to the hotel and watched a movie

During the next week, we did more of the same, visiting with friends and family, and going to places we used to go to. During this time, I found it harder and harder to have as much fun as I used to with my old friends. I also found the places I used to go to all the time were not as special as before.
After ten days at home with family and friends, I realized something very important. Even though I was born and raised in Langley B.C., that was no longer my home. Many things and people had changed since I moved away from Langley. I realized that just because I spent most of my life in Langley that it was not my home anymore. My home is in New Maryland now. I also realized that home really means being with my Mom and Dad and my brother. Wherever we are is where home is. Home isn’t always where you were born and raised or where your friends are. Home is where your immediate family is. Home is where you make a house a home and decorate it with your own items and pictures. Home is having fun and making memories with your own family. I now know that no matter where I am, home is always where my family is.