Grade 4

Comox BC
British Columbia

Home is awesome!

Home has love in it,so do you. You can change the world to build a home for people what don’t have a home people need love like you and me. We need to stand up for people like you and me. When I go to Vancouver I see people on the street I feel so sad I need to help them but I can’t. In other places people get killed by other people that don’t like people what don’t have homes. I think we need to stand up for Canada and for other country what don’t respect people. Home to me is we have Easter and Halloween. At home you can play with your friend and with your family to. A home is like no other place its cosy and it’s a pleasurable and cool place you are safe. Some times you go on vacations and you fill on safe in other county’s like Nice in France. I want to give some home Les people some homes to let them fell loved and fell special jest like us and like millions of other people but some other individuals our lonely and scared. I we don’t imagine not having a worm place or not being loved I wed be so sad and I wed be asking for money and I hope that some won wed help more people and give some people homes. Home is agreeable and amazing I am so lackey to have home like you and me and go to this amazing school and have 2 sisters and a mom and a dad and I can’t forget my dog.