Grade 6



Home is a Unique Place
My home is a very unique place. My home is a unique place because it is secure, it is inviting, and is an extraordinary place.
First, my home is a unique place because it is secure. It protects my family and me from the ice cold Canadian winters and from the burning hot summers and keeps us dry from rain, snow, hurricanes, tornadoes, hail and harsh weathers. It also protects our valuables from thieves and keeps my family and me safe from hungry wild animals.
Every house is welcoming and relaxing, even the small cottages to the gigantic mansions. I have planted a garden to make my house more inviting. Plus, decorating my house is also fun and a beautifully decorated house can be incredibly inspiring. My house is important to me because it has all my important needs and belongings. However, there are many people in Canada who have very dangerous houses such as the First Nations. The walls of their houses are collapsing and falling apart and the windows are all wrecked and shattered.
Lastly, my home is a unique place because it is extraordinary. It is one of a kind and has many memories linked to it as well as my family. There are many homeless people throughout Canada and America. More than 200,000 people are homeless in Canada and more than 500,000 people are homeless in America. These people don’t have a warm and welcoming shelter and are freezing in the ice cold temperatures, up north.
In conclusion, my home is a very unique place because it is secure, it is inviting, and is extraordinary. My home is very special to me and it makes me feel extremely delightful when I’m in it because it is a place with care, love and kindness.