Grade 6


Home is a time capsule

Poem: Home is a time capsule

Home is like a time capsule, every little moment captured under one roof.
It’s not a building, it’s my life made with wood and bricks but held together with love.
If you take the love away it would collapse.

It’s a place I have been sick, cried my eyes out, laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe.
I have a bed where I lay and think about others not doing the same.

I never wonder where I’m going to sleep the following night.
But I take things for granted and I want so much and others need so much.

I’m writing because I care and it’s unfair.
They deserve so much more and therefore,
it’s too bad poverty exist and I insist we make a difference.

What is the definition of home?
the place where one lives permanently, usually as a member of a family or household .

What is my definition of home?
Home is where the heart is!
Home, as a time capsule is a link of my past and future!