Grade 5

Nova Scotia

Home is a Place…

Home is a Place…

A house versus a home is something I think about all the time! I just never told anybody. Home is a place where you can be emotional. But a house is just a roof over your head. Home is a place that you are comfortable to be you.

With a home, your first house is your forever home. No matter where you are, home is your cosy cottage. You can be safe and secure and know that you are home. Home is not a house it’s a feeling. When you feel it, you feel tingly. A good tingly not bad. The type of tingly that makes you feel warm and just right

If you have ever been comfortable before, you know what home feels like. Home is a place where you can overcome fears, you can love, you can be loved, you can trust everyone, you can feel well and get stronger!

Home is a place that you can write for the meaning of home contest, because it is your favorite place to write.