Grade 4


Home is a Place

Home is a safe place that you can express yourself freely. My home is mine. My home is where I’m loved. My home is my favorite place to be. Home is a place you can make memories with family and friends. Home is a place where you live your life and be with the people I love. I’ve been in five homes my whole life three of them were in Nigeria my home country the other two were in Calgary my favorite one was my third home in Nigeria. The reason it was my favorite place was because I had my first sleep over there. Home is a place where you can have space to change in attitude and behaviors . Home is a special place where you can just be yourself.home is place you make memories good or bad .Home is where you learn about your Lord Jesus Christ. House is where you spend christmas.home is a very important place. And I’m very glad that this organization is helping different people get homes so they can have memories. Nigeria is a very magnificent beautiful place and so is Calgary