Grade 5

Richmond Hill

Home is a Place

Home is a place where I feel safe on the inside,
I can see no danger around me,
Horror is not with me at home,
It is hiding from my warm, lovable home.

Home is a place where everyone looks after each other,
Knowing that love is never hard to bear,
We help each other no matter the situation,
Even if it requires the whole family it is no problem.

Home is a place where looking around makes me go wow,
I have so much and I can never feel unneeded,
A bright light shines upon my face,
And walls keep me warm on the inside.

Except realizing a horrid truth,
Not everyone’s life has a home included,
They live in dirty streets,
Where air is almost always polluted.

They must beg for food,
And even get a few dollars,
But they can’t find all the things we have,
They might not even have one solid thing we have.

They sit there waiting in dark silence,
Sitting there waiting for our helping voices,
Waiting for all the love they need,
Checking to see if our hearts hold truth.

Except even when we have all we need,
Our greedy hands don’t deliver their needs,
We have all their wishes that are not dreams,
But we still can’t give it over, you see.

So now we shall help these people,
Who need us the most,
Stop acting blind when our eyes see them stare,
Stop being desperate to run away.

It is time for them to feel,
A warm home,
A soft bed,
And a change they will never forget.