Grade 5


Home is a Long Bear Hug with Someone You Love

What does my home mean to me? It makes me feel really safe. not scared. I know that I am never alone because my family is always there for me. When I am cold my home keeps me warm. When I go on a trip to my aunties I fell sad because I miss my home.
People that don’t have a home get sick very easily. It makes me really sad to see that kids live on the street and parents have to feed there kids, it must be hard for them 
My parents are divorced. On the way to my mom’s house from my dad’s I see homeless people.
One of my silliest memories was when I was 3 yeas old. I washed my brothers Ds in the sink and I still have that same home that I did that in. My home means so much to me, if I did not have that home I would be sad.
I think that The Habitat for Humanity is an remarkable charity because they go out of their way to give the homeless amazing homes.