Grade 5

Grande Prairie

Home is…

Home Is…

A home is a safe place to stay, it’s fun and safe in a million ways. Home is a place to laugh to cry. It’s a place for helping others. Fun times will come, sad times will pass at home. We love this place called home. Home is a place to sleep, to eat. A place to thank the Lord for the food we eat.To me the word home makes me so happy I jump, knowing that it’s the place that protects me, and so much more. You can eat, sleep, drink, snuggle with loved ones, cuddle up close, play, even do homework! There are so many things that you can do at your place called home. The difference between a house and home, is that home can be a little shack with lots of holes.But a house is a building not a small shack, and a small shack can still be called a home. Say a dog was living in a tire, it is not a big house but is a home to the dog.This is why homes are important.

I also love home because it’s not just a place for humans, it’s a place for creatures and animals. Like a bunny in it’s burrow, snug and tight. Hiding from things that want to eat it that lurk in the night.The reason why home is important to animals to, is because they need shelter just like me and you. They also need a place to sleep, drink and eat. Animals need about the same things we humans need! I hope everyone can have a chance to have a, just like me.