Grade 5


Home is …

Home is…

My home is the best. My family is in it and I love them. My mom, dad, my brothers, my grandma, and grandpa. I love where I live. My household is the place I feel safe, loved, and cared for. My home is where my room is and where I can cry and smile. My shelter is where my school is. My school helps me work, sing, run, and play. I really like music. I have a piano at home and I take piano lessons. I like my home because my friends are nearby. I have people in my home I can call when I am in trouble. My town is where I can go to stores and buy toys, stuffed animals, clothes, food, and instruments. I have a big back yard in my home. It has a deck, trampoline, swings, small garden, and bikes. In my home I have a kitchen so I do not starve. I also have a living room with a T.V and a couch. I would like to help a someone to have everything I do and so I wrote this for that person.