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Home Is

Home Is

What is a home?

Home, home to me is a place where I feel cared for, a place where your precious beloved ones are.
A vessel, containing all that love and affection that you shared,
Where you lived and was raised, a place that makes you feel comfortable,
Where you are all loved and cherished,

Home is a fort, keeping you from all the cruel and dangerous things outside,
Keeps you from anything that can hurt you,
A place where you can stay together and feel safe,
A doctor, healing all those bruises and cuts,

Home is a place that you can show your emotions and a place where you recover,
An achievement that you helped keep together,
A person, someone that you can depend on,
It is a big warm hug no matter what you do or no matter who you are

Home is a place that you can sleep soundly,
A place that can put aside all your differences, troubles and thoughts in the world,
Home is a survivor, surviving from all your mistakes, but still leaves you with a smile,
Home is a place that you can never get enough of.