Grade 5


Home is…

A home is a special place. Home is comfy and cozy. I can always find something to do on rainy days. It’s also the place where you get free food.

Home is a place were you like to be comfy. My family makes me feel cozy. I get to spend lots of time with them at home. When we spend time together it makes me feel warm and loved. I feel comfy at home because I know it well. I’ve lived here for five years so I know where everything is and that makes me feel comfortable.When I come home to lay my head, I always feel cozy in my warm bed.

If its wet outside I always have a dry place to stay. When it rains I like to play games with my family. Another thing I like to do is sit and watch the rain fall. Its calming to listen to the rain hit the ground. During thunderstorms I like to look for lightning, but I’m safe because I’m inside. A home is where you play and have fun, all day long until the day is done.

Home is a place of free food. If I get hungry some time in the day, I can always grab a snack. Most of the time I don’t have to make my own food, but when I do, I’m normally baking with my sister. Baking is lots of fun, but the best the best part is when its done.

My home is comfy and cozy, we have game nights on rainy days and we have food. A home is filled with love and laughter every day, and the day after.