Grade 5


Home Is

What does home means to me? Home is where you have a warm bed to sleep in, you have good food to eat, and four walls surrounding you and a roof over your head. This is what you need in a house.You need a bed to sleep on, you need stove to cook on, you need a fridge to keep your food cold. Most importantly, you need people to share it with. I live with my Mom, and my dog Charlie. My dog is a shiatsu boston terrier. We take care of each other. This past year my mom and I have been going through a lot. My mom has been going through surgery and chemo treatments. She has been healing through these treatments. She can get out of bed and off the couch by her own now. At first, she couldn’t so our family, like my auntie, stepped in. Right now she is staying with us. That is what home means to me.