Grade 5

St Laurent

Home Is…

Home is….

Home is Sunday pancakes and maple syrup.
Home is the smell of yummy food that fills my tummy.
Home is chocolate chip cookies after school.
Home is my Daddy’s laugh when he comes home from work.
Home is playing floor hockey in the basement and scoring.
Home is playing soccer in the yard with friends.
Home is bugging my little sister and making her laugh.
Home is homework , homework and more homework .
Home is Mommy screaming sometimes.
Home is mostly her warm and comforting hugs.
Home is the comforting warmth of curling up on the couch to watch a movie.
Home is forgiving and protecting.
Home is encouraging.
Home is safe from the outside world.
Home is happiness.
Home is Mom’s soft kisses.
Home is my warm and comfy bed.
Home is love.
Home is family.