Grade 6


Home Is

Home is a feeling, no matter where you are
Whether your house is near or your house is far
Whether your home is a house or a street or a car
Home is being in your family’s arms
Knowing you are protected from harm

Home is the feeling that you are loved
By someone on earth or someone up above
Home is looking into your mother’s warm eyes
A feeling that’s greater than any prize
Home is the love in your father’s face
Where you really feel at place

Home is where you don’t need to pretend
It’s full of fondness, family, and friends
Home is where you can confide
Where you can surrender your pride

Home is more than a roof over your head
It runs deeper than windows and beds
Home is stronger than walls and heat
It’s more than a place with food to eat

Home is love, strong and true,
I hope your home is a good one too