Grade 5


Home, home, home

Home, it’s an amazing place! Here are just some of the reasons.
H – H is for hope that keeps us going when times are tough.
O – O is for optimism to always look on the bright side even when things get rough.
M – M is for memories for the many that you have and will make.
E – E is for exhaustion because at the end of the day we all need a break.

Home, well home is a lot of things… a safe place, a warm place, a place of hope. Love lives there along with family, guardians or even friends. Home is not always where you are born, but where you feel safe, love and care.
Believe it or not, not everyone has one. Some people live on the streets with their family, hungry, and cold. Imagine waking up and instead of your nice comfortable bed you’re lying on the cold, hard, sidewalk begging for food or money. You ask your parents why aren’t you in your house and they say that they lost their jobs and the money that they were living on wasn’t enough for food and rent. Now imagine a whole organization and a bunch of schools across Canada came and helped you make a house for you and the rent is within your budget, how excited you’ll feel! Let’s give everyone a safe home for now, and forever!