Grade 4


Home Has a Meaning

You may not know it, but the place we call home, means more than just the place that we can roam. Home is a place you can’t compare, but is the place you feel comfortable to share. Some people have a second thought on this place called home, as in a starting line for our future or an adventure on our own! As you’re walking down the street from school, dance or sports, your home greets you with love, safety & support! Your home is a meeting place for friends & family to come together, but at home, people are different, they respect each other. As great as it sounds, there is a terrible tragedy going on, people don’t have a home, to them, homes are gone! However, we can stop this big problem, it’s easy just listen to me, raise money to help the homeless, and they will be as happy! So next time, think, there is no place like home, and home is more than the just place that we roam!