Grade 5


Home for Humanity

My Home & the Homeless

I have lots of important things in my home. I have my own room with a bed but my room is always a little bit messy. I spend a lot of time in my room in the morning and at night sleeping, reading and dreaming. In my home I also have a couch and a TV. We use it to hear news but it is mainly for watching baseball games. I feel safe and warm in my home. I am so thankful to have my own home with wonderful sisters and parents. My home is special to me because it keeps me safe from harm and weather. My home is my everything.

I am and most other people in Canada are lucky enough to have a place that we can call home. Some people struggle to get enough food to eat and water to drink. Many don’t have a home and have little education which is unsafe and frightening. I feel badly for the homeless and I feel terrible because there are many people with no place to sleep at night. I have so much when many have a tough time getting food, water and shelter. When I relax many homeless are always scrambling for things needed. I am writing to raise money for the ones that have no homes. I think they should have a home that is their everything.