Grade 6


Home Fills me with Love

Love, laughter and happiness is what makes a house a home.
Home fills me with love. Our living room is where the family photos hang on my grey walls waiting to be admired. The way our beautiful Christmas tree lights up on Christmas morning, signaling that it is time to open our gifts sitting under the tree. My adorable dogs peacefully sleep under our two trees as we watch a movie.
Home fills me with laughter. Our dining room is where we have family meals as silly jokes are shared around our large table. Playing games with my caring family well we are all laughing hysterically at the answer we came up with in the time that we had. This is where my loving brother and I race to blow out our birthday candles on our favorite day of the year. Where we wake up to the smell of delightful cinnamon buns in the morning. Home fills me with happiness. Our yard is where we sit outside watching my crazy, energetic dogs run quickly in circles. This is where my friends and I build amazing but cold snow forts and have freezing cold snowball fights with my brother and his crazy friends.
Home fills me with memories. I remember the first time I slept in my new house as the bright light of the moon shines right through my huge window. Our first Christmas at our new house. We were so happy that we got to spend Christmas as a family. My favorite memory is when my baby brother came home for the first time. I sat quietly on my beige couch with my baby brother in a deep sleep laying comfortably in my arms.
This is what makes my house my home.