Grade 6


Home feels…

Home helps us feel better.

A home is used like a sweater,

you have a place where you can rest

Because your blessed.

Your home is comfortable,

You’re not vulnerable .

When your’e in your home.

You are safe.

Every one deserves a place to love.

Its warm like a glove.

You may not be a millionaire,

But you do care For your family

A place you deserve,


Its so great.

It keeps the warm in.

Home is a another layer of skin.

It keeps the cold away.

That’s how you know it’s a-okay.

You play in your backyard with your brother or sister or dog or cat.

The house welcomes you with a welcome mat,

Where Your dad or mom wakes you up to start a new day,

And then after school you play,

With family and friends,

And the day ends,

You love a home.

You feel like a king on your throne.

Its warm not cold,

In your Home you have fun,

You don’t need gold,

Spend time with your son,

Home helps us feel better,

No matter what’s the weather,

If its rain or snow,

Home is where you grow.