Grade 5


Home Essay

The meaning of home is a feeling. A feeling more superior than others because it is the most powerful feeling in the world. The meaning of home is a meaning some people don’t get. The meaning of home is needed by everyone, but everyone needs a definition of home.

In the home, there is always safety. Safety is everyone’s concern. When you walk in the front door, coming back from school, you will feel warm and calm. A good, safe home would not have violence. For example, verbal violence. In addition, help is always readily available. For example, you fall down, and help is not readily available, you could be injured badly.

If you want to live a good life, you need lots of love and friends. To begin with, you could have fun with your family. Fun makes you well and happy. The luxury of having food readily available is not common between the poor. A bed that is warm is lucky out in the world that is surrounded by poor people.

Being well and safe is good thing, for example, you are in your home, safe and sound.having a good home that you like, for example, you’d want someone that you care for. That could be a good parent. A good parent always take care of their child and give them a home. But you would not like to be forced to live there, unhappy and unsafe. But if you want to be happy, and enjoy your time in your home, that would take a lot of special love.

You would have to enjoy your time with friends or family. A good parent is always happy to lead, teach their child. For example, there will be willing adults to adopt a child. Some kids grew up lonely because he/she is a single child. Affection for a pet could replace a sibling. For example, pets are happy if you care for it.

Having fun is what makes you happy. For example, having fun with your family on vacation. But a more simpler way to have fun is in parties. In parties, you interact a lot so you will have more fun with technology. Technology is a simple way to be happy and have fun.