Grade 5

Richmond Hill

Home Essay

Remember to Remember

In the olden days Newfoundland and Labrador found the Caribou as an important symbol of Remembrance. If you were to go, to Newfoundland or Labrador you might find caribou engraved on the headstone of a soldier who has died. A lot of different animals are signs of Remembrance. Dogs are involved in war because of their intelligence. People also make graves for the dogs that served during war. Animals play an important part in war and in Remembrance.

During the world wars many of our soldiers dies. When world war one started almost 24,000 of our soldiers died. Most soldiers died from battle, but some of our soldiers captured soldiers died from hard labor. On an average hour for soldiers, about 290 get killed and almost 500 wounded. A lot of the soldiers that go to war are either fathers, sons, maybe even grandfathers! If you had a father, grandfather, or a son that’s in war then luck for them!

A lot of animals were involved in war one animal was a pigeon. Pigeons were involved because they could help deliver messages. Moose were a important symbol of Remembrance. If you go to Newfoundland you might see moose on a headstone. On November the 11th we celebrate the soldiers for their great sacrifice.