Grade 6

New Brunswick

Home at Last!

Mia Bennett

Mrs. Piron/LA

November 4, 2016

Home at Last!

Crunch, Crunch’, after a long day at school, I am walking through the freshly fallen leaves, on my way to my warm, toasty, house, through the cold path…’Brrrrr’. Now, all I want to do is get home, and yank the cozy sheets off my bed, ‘whoosh’, so I can curl up in the like a baby puppy! Home is a peaceful place, where I will always feel safe, know matter what. Home is where my heart is. At this time, I just can’t wait to get home!

Just a couple more steps until I get home. The first thing I see when I walk through the front door is my mom who is there to greet me after a long day at school. My mom asks me ‘would you like some pasta’? ‘Mmmmmm’… that’s when I can smell the hot, fresh pasta that is sitting on the table. As I sit down eating my pasta, I am thinking that my home is one of my favorite places to be.

It makes me feel even more safe and more at home knowing that I live in a lovely neighborhood. I know that if anything goes wrong I can go to any of the nearby house and feel safe. In my neighborhood I have lots of friends to hang out with and the adults are very nice and generous. However when I am visiting friends in other neighborhoods I don’t feel all that safe. I feel very comfortable in my neighborhood. I adore my neighborhood.

I look outside my window and see the bright sun. On this occasion, I’m reminded of the summer. I think of me at my house, swimming in my pool and enjoying ice cream and pool parties in the hot sun! ‘Clock, Cleek, Clok….Ahhhhh”! Oh, it’s just a bug’ I flick it off my sweater. Oh, that also reminds me of the summer nights spent in my bug room where I feel very happy and peaceful. My bug room is a great place to read or have a nap. The cozy pillows in the bug room remind me of my cozy blankets and pillows in my bed. Then the beautiful leaves fall in autumn, and we replace the bug room for another great place– the basement!

‘Ahhhhh’…. It feels so good on my feet to walk down the carpeted stairs to the snuggly basement (everywhere else in my house has wooden floors). The basement is my favorite place in the house. It has so many great memories – birthday parities, movies, sports and family games. I wonder what my life would be like without a home? That’s what I ask myself while gazing around my room. I just can’t imagine! I love my home so much, I’m so lucky to have a home.