Grade 6

New Brunswick

Home at last

I just woke on a Saturday morning in my comfy little bed .with the good smell of eggs .My sheets were perfect I wished that I can stay in bed but the sun woke me up with the sun beaming in my eyes .Then I said to my self-man I am lucky to have a very nice house like this .I almost forgot that today is very special it is because we have …

I’d have nothing to day, I wonder what I am going to do first .Probably watch some Netflix I will watch a movie or something.Naa I will go see my grandparents .it is nice to be safe with your family so they came over and we cooked to my sick grandfather he loved what we cook. I like spending every day I have got with him .My grandfather left for a check up at the hospital

I feel bad for the people who have not that munch, money .I’m going to start donating some money in to the foster homes .I can’t even tell how lucky I am mostly because I don’t even know how lucky I am .I’m probably donate some stuff to value village or something is just me or is it nice having a home .

Home to me is a place tjat I am safe in.Not a building some place that I belong .Were u feel safe isn’t that the best feeling in the world or what.If you don’t like home more then something anything what do u like If someone told me that I would probably be a little confused I could not live if i did not have home.

Now do you know why I am upsesset with my home .It is My house wait it is not my house it is a home .There is a big difference between those two words you know.thats why I love my home. Why do you love your?