Grade 6

New Brunswick

Home, at Last:)

When you are sick, you should be home, snug in your bed, not walking around the school like an idiot, correct? Right now I feel like throwing up. That was only the start to what was the worst day of my life. If I had stayed home, then none of the following would have happened. I wouldn’t have to drag myself around school with a dinner plate sized stain stamped across my shirt from the caf disaster. Now, I’m finally home. I trudged along the hallway, filled with pictures of my family, and into my room and slammed the door behind me. Home, at last.
I threw myself on my, sink into my comforters, and breathed out a sigh of relief. Nothing embarrassing can happen anymore. I’m home, more specifically, in my room, snug as a bug. This is the place where I keep my fondest memories, deepest secrets, pics with my BFFs and dog posters plastered all over the walls. Ooh, and I can’t forget two dressers full of cloth, a overflowing closet filled with well, more cloth, and a shelf full of accessories. Speaking of cloth, I should probably change. That stain is seriously killing me. But anyways, back to my room. Medals and artworks hung loosely on the wall, threatening to fall down any second. Books decked the silver polished shelf, still glimmering from the sun. About thirty plushies also stood on the shelf. I guess this is kinda embarrassing, having so much babyish stuff in your room, but that’s just one of the secrets my room holds.
Now, a totally different subject. About a year ago, on a cold February night, I was hopping around the house, getting ready for my special day.(aka my B-day) I can still remember my besties coming over, loaded with bags and presents. Yep, I’m having a sleepover partay. We laughed, played games, roasted marshmallows and watched movies. Thanks to my awesome home, I can relive that moment in my mind anytime. As fun as the party was, my guess would be that my friends can’t wait to get home the day after. At other sleepovers I went to, people would often repeat the phrase ‘I feel homesick’ or something like that. Ah, home. There’s nothing like it. For instance, I never really understood why other people would tell you to ‘make yourself at home’. I mean sure, I’ll make myself comfortable, but really, my friend’s home isn’t my home, and probably never will be.
But okay, enough day dreaming. In reality, the sleepover was in the past. However, with the help of my home, the fun I had will never be forgotten. But wait, why do I feel like something is forcing its weight down on me? There he is, Cloud the dog. Anyways, on to the next topic. At home, there’s no more faking who you are on the inside. Maybe at school, you just can’t be yourself for some reason, but being at home, you know it’s fine to be who you want to be on the inside, as your family appreciates you just the way you are. This, is probably the most important factor to me, because I would do almost anything to make people satisfied, including changing everything about myself. But thanks to my home, the way I am on the inside could not be effected in any way possible. School, is school. Whatever you do there, it doesn’t have to be the same at home. Without my home, I’m afraid I’ll soon forget my inner self, aka the part of me that made me well, me. Home is important in many ways, but this is somewhat the most important.
Later in the night as I lay in bed, I started wondering: what if I didn’t have a home as nice as this one? Sure, it’s not the cleanest, and definitely not organized. But so what? It holds a special place in my heart, and I believe I mentioned it before. Memories of the past, the fun you had and what home provides to you makes it well, home. This is a place where you can spend quality time with your loving family, have playdates, enjoy warm meals on cold nights, and follow your dreams. Most importantly to me, this is the place where you can just be yourself. To be able to embrace who I truly am means the world to me. And, my home is always there when I needed it. I took a look at Cloud, content lay curled up at my feet and smiled to myself. This, is home. And with that, I drifted of to sleep…….