Grade 6

New Brunswick

Home at last

As I look at the clock it’s almost time to leave. RRRRIIIIINNNNGGGG, as the bell rings running out the school doors, I know I’ll soon be home. As I plunk down on the bus and lean against the window. As I see people skip happily off the bus. When the bus stops I zoom right
Out of the bus and run straight home. I snuggle up in my warm sheets. As I smell the freshly
baked muffins. I know this is definitely where I belong.
When I think of Home it makes me think of Peace, Love, Family, Friends. But I think of people without a home just sitting there out on the streets, It’s like living in Afghanistan where
there’s barley any houses because of all the bombing and they barley have anything. Without a home it’s like you have no Peace or Love NOTHING!!!!!! If it rains you have nowhere to go or if you’re sad you have no one to comfort you. That’s why I’m very Very VERY thankful to have a home!!!!
I love my home because it’s nice, warm, and relaxing. It’s a place where I can have alone time or Family and Friends time. My home is something I love, need, and care for I take care of my home to keep my home. It’s also a good place to play games with my little sister or to do
HOMEWORK!!!!!!! I can make Apple Crumble with my mom, Or just to Chill out baby.
My home is something special of mine.
My Home is very joyful and put’s a nice smile on your face My Home is I can live and learn and do stuff baby. It’s where I learn how I walk and talk. I can snuggle up with my family and watch a movie or relax on the couch while eating popcorn. My Home is a wonderful place to be . Like after a long day at school. Or coming Home from a nice trip from Grammy’s. Opening up that door and walking inside brightens up my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My home is a wonderful place for me to live and I’m very happy to have one! It’s a wonderful place for me to play and just have fun! I’m very Very VERY thankful to have a Home like this. I love the times when I can have playdates with friends and Family Reunion. So I’m super happy to have a Home like this. I know this is diffidently where I belong. I know that because this is my “Home Sweet Home”.