Grade 4

Nova Scotia

Home and What it Means

Home and What it Means

Home is not just walls and a roof. Home is not just where you live. It’s way more than that.

It’s where you wake up after a good sleep, and you breathe a sigh of contentment to know that you have such a great place to be.

It’s where you go to sleep after a hard day, where you can hug, eat pizza, watch a movie and be happy on a Friday. It’s in your backyard where you can run and play and do anything you want, free as a bird.

Home is precious. I look at the people with no homes begging on the streets. It breaks my heart to see them, so alone in this big world, begging for money and mercy.

I am grateful that I have a place to live that I can call home. Even if it’s an apartment, I should be grateful, because some people don’t have anywhere to stay for the cold, cold nights.

Home is where you create the memories, like Christmas morning, Easter, a birthday, or Thanksgiving.

A house is a shell to protect you, but a home is what’s inside. The family, with you always. The memories, lived and relived.

Home is fun. Home is friendship. Home is nature. Home is precious. Home is peace. Home is love. Home is security. Home is beautiful.

Home… is home.