Grade 6

New Brunswick

Home and Away

Home and Away!

DING! DING! The sound of my annoying alarm clock makes me cranky in the morning. After dragging myself out of my warm cozy bed, I always go into the washroom. I usually brush my teeth, get rid of the rats nest upon my head and then get dressed. Just as I’m walking into the hallway my mom always says, “Rachel get up!” with a yell I usually reply with an I’m already up! I love my cozy living room. I plop myself on the old couch. My mom always makes my family a delicious breakfast in the morning. My mom brings it to the table with a clank. I say, “Thanks mom.”
After I’m finished my delicious breakfast I put on my black Uggs, pink coat, and then load on my heavy green book bag. As I walk out of my warm house into the deep, dark, black hole in front of me, the only thing that cheers me up is that it is……FRIDAY!!!!! As I arrive at my tiny empty bus stop, I see my friends and give them only a wave because I’m too tired to speak. I finally see that old yellow bus squeaking and jerking down the road to a stop. I love my bus the seats are cozy and I can wave to people through the windows, just like at home.
School is like home to me. I have friends and teachers to help me through the good and bad times. I feel lucky to have a home some people don’t. Actually, many people starve and die because they don’t have anything to eat. Most times I complain that I’m starving, but no, I’m not. Compared to the homeless I’m full. Most people see the homeless as ghosts or that they chose to be homeless, but most of them didn’t. We are all humans and deserve to be treated the same.
It’s the end of the day and I can’t wait to get home and jump into my bed. I march in through that old door with a squeak and smell that hot meal on the table. It reminds me of the best day of my life. As I drag myself up the stairs and drop my bag on the floor with a clonk, my mom asks, “How was your day”? I reply with an “eh”….. I fling myself onto my bed for a few minutes to think about my long hard day, then I go to the table and eat my meal. It was, and always will be, delicious.
I ask if we can have a movie night, and my parents say yes. I love movie nights at my house because we pick the best movies from Netflix. We also have some popcorn, chocolate and sweets. We all usually get into our pajamas and sit on the couch. In my house, movie night is just like cuddle time. Will everyone have a home to go to? Hopefully one day everyone will have somewhere to go when they’re mad, sad or happy, which is called home.