Grade 6


Home. A Word I Love

Home. A word I love
Who could have known home could have meant so many things?
After five days a week of school, I look forward to entering the doors of my home. In my opinion, the word home means having a roof over my head, having three meals served to me each day, having a cozy bed to snuggle into and bolt out of each morning like a cheetah, having a family who cares for me and help me make better choices, and always having some clothes to jump into every day.
Home is somewhere you feel safe. Somewhere where you can look up and a ceiling covers your head protecting you and the members of your family from whatever the dreadful weather brings. Early in the morning after a good night sleep, I am awoken to the sight of my bright pink room and the bathroom light gleaming as my family begins a new day. In the evening, my home is filled with the delicious scents of the food being cooked. For instance, bubbling potatoes, gravy, veggies, and some delectable lemonade.
I look forward to coming home and will always look forward to coming home. If I had the option to leave my home and live anywhere else in the world I would decline the offer and stay in my home because it is where I am most joyful and I feel most safe.