Grade 5


Home a place for you!

Home is a place, a place for everything. Like “crayons, pencils , markers also backpacks are a home for your supplies . Home means a lot to me,My name is Vaishu , I come from Canada,it’s a real safe place to be. Here are reasons why I love home.

Home is my happy place , it has everything that fits in the word home, I can have fun and do what I want. I can sing, draw and play. It’s a perfect place for me and other people,it makes memories and moments. Home is my happy place!

Home has so many words to describe it, but what I would think of home is family and friends.At home you have friends and family that say nice things about you, and they make you feel like number #1. They give you a lot of positive words like beautiful,wonderful and much much more! They are nice people that surround and support you with love , kindness and care.They also cheer you when you’re feeling low.

Thirdly,Comfort is key,comfort is very important at home.Every home has comfort, so much comfort. To me my home has a bucket,”no”3 buckets full of comfort. My family gives me comfort by saying positive words, and helps cheer me up when I’m feeling low.They make me fit in!

My home has expression .They laugh when I say jokes ,and they talk and read stories with expression.At my home I have the power and energy to express my feelings to my family members.My home is full of gales of laughter. My family sometimes go through mood swings but no one can break my family apart!

Also home is a wonderful place,it’s like your own wonderland with twists and turns,you’ll learn new things down the yellow brick road until you meet your destination.Qurqy things may happen but it’s all worth it in the end! Home is a real wonderful place to be.

My home is full of talent ,though music,culture,cooking,
dancing,sports,and much more.My home is always and will be born with talent.My home is surrounded with lots of talent.My home is a stable and talented place to live a good life in.

Finally, home is a safe and secure place to live and grow.I think my home is a secure place because it never breaks down when it’s feeling pressure, and it holds me tight no matter what!

“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave,and it feels even better to come back”.-Wendy Wonder . See home is a great and wonderful place to live and grow. I love my Home!